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About the Artist


Hi there!

I am Kelsie, the seamstress and expert crafter of Threaded Gems. I have been in love with sewing and beadwork all my life, and in 2010 I created my Threaded Gems brand. It was after my first year at Burning Man I was inspired to make my own expressive wardrobe. After that, my friends started asking me to make custom clothes for them, and so the Threaded Gems festy-chic clothing line was born.  Since then I have taken this passion to the next level!

 ~~~~ Wearable ART ~~~~

Threaded Gems signature touch is to add crystal energy to your wardrobe, so on most garments there are gemstone beads lovingly sewn on. Secret pockets are also my specialty. I believe in the full utility of the clothes I  make. No fake pockets here! All items are a unique piece - I never use the all the same materials twice. I make my own patterns and like working to upcycle clothing. I want to make for you that special custom item that you've been dreaming of. Let's collaborate! There's no art form that I won't try. I love working with all kinds of fabric, crystal beads, Copper electroform, wire wraps, clay, puffy paint, feathers, hemp string, and so much more.

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