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Create Your Own Style!

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I want to celebrate YOU and how unique you are! In that spirit, I make all my pieces different from each other - I never make anything exactly the same twice. This is where you come in. Let's make exactly what you want. Do you want a custom piece with a special pocket? What is your spirit animal?  What is your favorite color? What stones speak to you? Do you have a design in mind that you've always wanted to wear? 

Here's some ideas!

ANY animal spirit hood, Muffy with your colors, Puffy painted shades, Big hooded festie vests, Reversible vest, Elecroplated jewelry, Lots of styles of skirts, Halter tops/dress, 

Fancy dress, Custom lamp shade, Bedazzled bra, Dog clothes, Fur jacket, Tutus, Tiara, Utility belt,

 Suspenders, Playa gear, Robe, Hat clip, Hair clip, Feather clip, Crystal wrap necklace, Any beaded jewelry



The variety of what I can make is endless!  The items currently in stock merely scratch the surface of the different designs I have.


Creating wearable art for a specific person is what I enjoy doing the most.  You will be able to feel the love sewn into every stitch of your custom made Threaded Gems design!  The best way to start your custom design is to email me at and we can talk about what exactly you want and take it from there.  Don't be shy!

Tell me what customizations you want, and I'll make it happen! Email me or leave me a comment below!

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Faux Fur is not your average fabric!  It is made from synthetic fibers attached to a stiff base

There is one golden rule: NEVER put it in the DRYER! The fibers will melt. Oh no!

Washing Instructions:

Hand Wash Cold - Fill a sink with cold water and detergent. I use Woolite soap because it’s gentler than a regular detergent. Gently massage with fingers from top to bottom, in the direction of the fur. Rinse well in cold water.

Drying- Squeeze out water with your hands. Let hang dry. For faster drying, squeeze the water that has collected in the bottom every 15 minutes or so.

Final step - To make your fur look new again, brush it with a comb when it is completely dry to separate the fur that has clumped together.

Please contact me if your hood or pillow ever needs fluffing or fixing!


I would love to hear from you! The good, the bad, the colorful! Drop me a line in the comment box!

Thanks! Message sent.

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